Monday, December 1, 2008

Upgrading my Coulter Odyssey 1 13.1" Dobsonian telescope

I haven't really mentioned this much before, but I thought I'd start entering some info on my upgrading of my Coulter Odyssey 13.1" Dobsonian telescope. I originally bought this back in March of this year and love the views from it, however, found out fairly quickly that it's a bear to set up and to use (bump, nudge, bump, etc...)

Shortly after that, I decided to update it and improve it as much as I could do inexpensively. The key word is "Inexpensively!". It's very easy to spend big $$$ on upgrades. I hope to do this with a minimal amount of money and more sweat equity.

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lee said...

Hi Ambrose, I also have a 13 odyssey, how can I upgrade to get optimum viewing especially lunar views