Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Moon and Venus

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

Tonight the Moon and Venus put on quite a show right after sunset. Venus was very bright and dangling right below the lovely crescent moon. It was extremely windy and cold, but I went outside with my Canon 30D and the Tamron 28-200mm zoom to grab this shot.



Joel Raupe said...

Excellent shot, Ambrose. At approximately the same time you took this excellent shot, I was watching the terminator cross over Rosse, running right down the middle of Mare Nectaris. Keep it up! You might want come up with a great submission for Charles A. Wood over at LPOD.

Happy New Year!

Joel Raupe

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey I have a Coulter, a Rukl, a refractor, 2 kids, and not enough time to do astronomy too. We have much in common! Nice upgrades on the 13.1".

NiteSkyGirl said...

Your shots are so beautiful!
I'll be coming back to continued , just got called into work about the new Comet that is swinging by Earth .

Nice writing also .