Thursday, December 4, 2008

The First Cut is the Deepest!

I measured and marked out the central area for the azimuth motor and I took a hand saw to the rocker and cut out the notch for the Tech 2000 Dob Driver II's Hurst stepper motor and gear assembly.

I then test fit the motor in the slot. It seems to fit well. I may need to notch out the slot a bit so that the motor sits flush with the board rather than proud of it. I want to be sure that the diamond patterned wheel makes solid and balanced contact with the base board. There are two roller assemblies which need to be mounted underneath the rocker and replace the Teflon pads that are there now.

This is the view of the stepper motor from the front of the rocker box. I may need to paint the stainless steel plate to help make it blend in more with the rocker box.

Next up is to cut out the large circular area for the 18" altitude bearing I picked up from Bailey Ceramic Supply!

Ambrose Liao

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