Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scopetronix Maxview DSLR II

I had the opportunity of grabbing a much-longed-for Scopetronix Maxview DSLR II 2" eyepiece projection adapter from Astromart over the weekend and it arrived last night.

What a beast! This is the biggest eyepiece projection adapter I've ever seen! In the picture above, you can see it beside my Canon 30D with my 17-85mm zoom. The 1.25" adapter sits to the left. It supposedly will hold a Nagler 31mm eyepiece without difficulty. I can imagine! It reminds me more of a World War I hand grenade more than anything else. 

I've owned the Scopetronix Maxview DSLR 1.25" version when I had my 20D. You can see pictures of it here. The "II" 2" version is significantly larger than the 1.25" "I" version!

I hope to be able to use it soon. The weather is not cooperating. Very cloudy and rain predicted for tonight and tomorrow here in Washington...



Ken Arcia said...

Hi. I have a Nikon D80 and just got a MaxView DSLR I. I am not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I can see the moon through my viewfinder but when I take pictures (only Manual settings works), I see BLACK on my LCD display. The photos show nothing. Maybe I'm missing a setting or eyepiece? Thanks for any help. You can email me back at dartsarcia (at)

ambroseliao said...

Hi Ken,

If you can see it in your viewfinder and you don't get an image after the shot, then I would say the exposure is too short. Can you give me the exposure info? (shutter speed, ISO speed, etc...)

orooro said...


....where I can buy product; '"Scopetronix Maxview DSLR II" regards,Zlatko