Thursday, February 19, 2009

Diversions Dance Company of Wales?

You're probably wondering what in the world Diversions, the Dance Company of Wales is doing in an Lunar and Astrophotography blog? :-)

Let me explain. A while back, I was contacted by Joe Fletcher who's the director of the company about using my "Full Moon at Perigee 12/12/08" photo for a backdrop to one of their performance pieces. I was thrilled and honored that one of my photos was selected. I just heard back from Joe that they started performing the piece, "Lunatics" a couple of weeks ago and that he will send me a DVD of the full performance once it comes out.

I received a care package with T-shirts for my girls last night and my daughter was very happy to wear it! Thanks Joe and Thanks Diversions!


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Joel Raupe said...

Ambrose, I see no problem whatsoever. I find a bit of the Moon just about everywhere. Including the stage, as in this post from last October 9.